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Business travel dos and don’ts to make a smooth trip

Business travel is either one of those things that you love to do or you hate to do. While most people who have to travel for work have done it quite often, there are those people who are new to the experience. The main thing to keep in mind is that you are out representing your company and your boss, so there are many do’s and don’t’s for when you travel for business. Here are a few travel tips to help make your trip just a little bit smoother.

Do: Pack Light and Appropriately
Business travel is not the same as a week-long vacation to the beach where you’ll change your clothes three times a day. Make sure you pack lightly with only the essentials. You will not be doing much sightseeing while you’re gone, so don’t worry about leaving space for souvenirs. Be sure to check the weather before going so you can pack according to the weather. Be sure to pack according to how you will be spending your time. You will probably want a more casual, though still professional outfit for social hour, compared to the more business attire you’d wear to meetings.

Don’t: Pack in a Duffle Bag
Once you starting doing business travel, it’s time to ditch the sports duffel bag you used to use on your high school athletics trips. Time to trade it in for a professional suitcase, not only for professionalism, but also ease of use. It’s a lot easier to navigate airports with a rolling bag behind you than a large, bulky duffel bag.

Do: Get Organized
Now is the perfect time to show off your organization skills to your boss and show them you can handle this. One of the biggest business travel tips we can give is get organized. Print off your schedule, flight info, hotel info, and  any other notes you may need before you leave in case you don’t have access to a computer or printer on your trip. Take backups of everything and plenty of paper for notetaking. Don’t forget your business cards!

Don’t: Wait Until the Last Minute
Be sure to have all of the information you need prior to your departure. Don’t wait until you board the plane to know where your hotel is. Have everything you need ready to go so you can hit the ground running once you get there.

Business travel can be easy, or it can be difficult. It doesn’t have to all be business and you can have fun with it if you follow these simple travel tips to ensure your boss will take you on more trips, rather than leave you at home.