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Celebrate National Picnic Month at these Sioux Falls Parks

Bust out that picnic basket, pack that blanket and bug spray, and prepare your favorite snack foods. It’s time for a picnic! August happens to be National Picnic Month, which means it’s time to gather the family and go out for a picnic in some of Sioux Falls’ more picturesque parks and enjoy the outdoors one more time before school starts. Here are a few tips and a couple key places within Sioux Falls that will help you enjoy your family picnic.

The Falls in Sioux Falls
A local favorite Sioux Falls park, The Falls are always a great place to stop to have a nice picnic. Sit atop some of the beautiful falls, scattered amongst the rock sides. The Falls is a unique Sioux Falls park that allows visitors the chance to get their feet wet in the water while still enjoying a relaxing picnic or stroll through the park. One of the most popular Sioux Falls Park, The Falls is ideal for quick trips as well due to its central location within the city.

Memorial Park – W 26th St. and Sertoma Avenue
This Sioux Falls park is ideal for kids and adults alike. It offers not only ample picnic places, both in the form of grass space and picnic shelters, but it also offers a large playground area for the kids to run and play. There is a lot of open grassy areas, so families can even play their own lawn games, such as Frisbee and corn hole, as well. During the winter, there are areas to play hockey and go ice skating with a fully equipped warming house.

Sertoma Park – W 49th St. & Oxbow Ave.
Sertoma Park has something for everyone in the family. From a large picnic shelter available for eating to a unique playground for the kids, Sertoma Park is probably the most diverse Sioux Falls park. It also feeds into the Outdoor Campus and Butterfly House with walking and biking trails, giving the family more options for things to do post-picnic.

Picnic Tips
The key to having a wonderful picnic is obviously in the food and utensils you’re using. If you love picnics, it’d be well worth the money to buy a picnic basket with outdoor dishes, something that is reusable but still cheap and not glass. Invest in a good blanket or sheet that you can set down on the grass to make your dining experience more enjoyable. Prepare some of the food ahead of time so it’ll be easier to eat. For example, bring a salad you made at home, rather than all of the ingredients to make on the spot. Naturally, you will be outside, so don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen. If you don’t want to use spray bug spray, find a different alternative to help keep the bugs away from your picnic. And don’t forget to pack some snacks for your furry friend as well. There are many fun picnic spots around Sioux Falls, so get out and enjoy before the school season hits.