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Eerie Halloween party ideas

Halloween is just right around the corner. A time for the spooky, the scary, and the frightening to roam freely. It’s a time for everyone to get out their alternative personality and dress up as their favorite movie character, politician, or pop star. Get your costumes ready, because we’re going to help you plan the eeriest and the spookiest Halloween party with these fantastic Halloween party ideas that will keep people talking about your party for the next year to come.

First thing to figure out is your location. If you plan on having it at your house, all of these ideas will work. You can also look into hosting a party at a Sioux Falls event center, such as the Sioux Falls Ramada or even renting a room at the Denny Sanford Event Center. Determine how many people you want to invite and if you can fit them all in your house, great. If not, a Sioux Falls event center may be your next step.

Once you have your location and guest list figured out, you can start planning the fun part: decorations and food. Having your party at a Sioux Falls event center will open up your options for decorations a lot, but having it at home will help because you know your house and how to decorate it. Some fun Halloween party ideas for decorations are:

  • String fake spider webbing everywhere you can reach. It may be a pain to clean up, but it looks super cool! You can even get black webbing and interweave orange lights into it to give it an eerie look.
  • Use pumpkins everywhere. Whether they’re carved or not, use hollowed out pumpkins to hold different dips, paint them for fun decorations, or just place them strategically around the room for a fun look.
  • Create a fun lighting with hanging candles, like from Harry Potter. Use empty toilet paper rolls and small electric candles and fishing wire to create this fun effect. If you have your party at a Sioux Falls event center, you may need to get help from staff on hanging them in the high ceilings, but it’d make a cool effect!
  • Dry ice is your friend for cool Halloween party ideas. Carve a pumpkin and carefully put some dry ice in it to create a cool smoking pumpkin effect. If you don’t want to worry about dry ice, get a smoke machine instead and hide it in the decorations to create a fun and eerie effect.

Once you’ve got your decorations it’s time to get thinking on food. If you’re party is at a Sioux Falls event center, you can always have it catered, or bring in your own food as well. Use pumpkins to hold things such as dips or punches. Even if you make normal finger food, give the food fun spooky names to spice up the party.

There are great ways to host a fun Halloween party. Check out our Pinterest page for some fun Halloween party ideas.