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Holiday travel tips for your family gathering

‘Tis the season for Christmas lights, gift giving, and the dreaded trip across the country to see family. Holiday travel can be a hassle and headache inducing, but when done right, it can be a great bonding experience for you and the family. Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: stressful, and anything can happen, but with these simple travel tips, holiday travel can be easy and help you appreciate your family even more.

Keep an eye on the weather
If you’re driving, this travel tip can be crucial. Weather across the country can be very unpredictable and can change at the drop of a hat. Watching the weather leading up to you holiday travel can help plan when you’ll actually be able to leave and which route you take. Have multiple route options available, just in case the roads are too treacherous on one route. Probably our best travel tip is to arrive safe and alive, so watch the weather to ensure no accidents.

Pack accordingly
While this travel tip may seem a bit broad, it’s very important. Pack with the weather in mind, and be sure to pack plenty of things to keep the kids occupied. If you’re going somewhere tropical, you probably don’t need a winter coat, but if you’re going somewhere cold and snowy, probably don’t pack flip flops. Also keep in mind that holiday travel tends to be time-consuming and there is a lot of waiting time, whether you’re flying or driving. So pack lots of entertainment for the kids, whether it be an electronic device or books or toys. These will also come in handy when you reach your destination and the kids need entertainment.

Stay connected
Holiday travel can be made so much easier with a little help from technology. Downloading apps like GasBuddy, SitOrSquat, Waze, and GateGuru can really help to keep you in tune with what’s going on and help your traveling go smoother. This travel tip really comes in handy when you are on a time crunch or have kids traveling with you who are picky bathroom users. Tap into technology a little bit to help your holiday travel go smoother.

Plan gift giving in advance
Holiday travel usually involves gift giving, so plan accordingly. If you’re traveling somewhere different for Thanksgiving that you know you’ll have to ship Christmas gifts to later, buy all of those gifts before Thanksgiving and take them with you to save on shipping costs. You can also look into getting gift cards for people instead, so they fit in your bags and there’s no hassle about bulky wrapped packages. Family will understand that you have to travel so are making it as easy as possible. This travel tip can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Holiday travel can be stressful, but with a little planning in advance and a few travel tips, it can go a lot smoother. Happy Holidays and here’s to smooth holiday travel.