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Office holiday party ideas to keep your employees merry

The trees are up, the gifts are being wrapped, and friends and family are hosting annual holiday parties. Not only is it time for the family holiday parties, but also it’s time to start planning the office holiday party that everyone looks forward to each year. The office holiday party can be a great time for coworkers to get together and get to know them outside of the office setting. So here are a few office holiday party ideas to help yours be the holiday party of the year.

Offer door prizes
Offering things such as gift cards or additional vacation days are great ways to raise office moral a little bit and are an easy way to give a gift to your staff that they actually want. Offering incentives for employees to come to the party is a great office holiday party idea that will get them excited and boost their moral a little bit.

Games galore
Games can be a hit or miss at any holiday party, but playing simple games would be a good way to get employees involved, mingling, and interacting with each other. Simple games like Guess the Santa (have an employee dress up like Santa and have guests try to guess who it is) or even a team building game such as putting together a list of little-known-facts about employees and having everyone try to guess who it belongs to is a great office holiday party idea to get people mingling and learning more about each other. Think of the conversations on Monday morning!

Gift exchange
There are numerous ways to do an office gift exchange to spice up your holiday party. Having a secret Santa gift exchange through the week leading up to the party is a good way to engage employees. Another office holiday party idea is to host a gag gift exchange at the party, where guests bring a gift that is under $5 and they are exchanged, white elephant style. It’s a great way to get employees interacting, but also gives them a small gift to go home with and talk about on Monday morning.

Potluck style
Everyone loves a good potluck. Make your office holiday party a little different by doing it potluck style. Have everyone bring their favorite holiday dish so you get a wide range of different dishes and can find out a little more about each employee and their traditions. This office holiday party idea is a great way to get everyone involved. Just be sure to have a sign up sheet so you don’t end up with 10 different sweet potato dishes.

Holiday parties are a great way to get to know your employees outside of the office. Throw a party that everyone is sure to be talking about on Monday morning. If you are in need of a good location, give us a call at Sioux Falls Ramada and talk with our event planners to help plan your office holiday party.