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Travel beauty tips to make your trip a breeze

Traveling is always a difficult thing to do while still keeping your composure and looking presentable. But where there is a will, there is a way. It is still possible to go on a long flight or take a long car ride and still get off the plane while looking like you just stepped out of the house for the day. Check out these simple travel beauty tips to help you stay fresh and presentable during a long trip.

Carry Evian Spray
This travel beauty tip is flight attendant approved. If you’re taking a long flight, have a face spritzer will help to keep your face feeling fresh and your skin moist. The air in an airplane is really dry, so having a spritzer to spray your face with will help you not only to stay awake, but also feel refreshed and hydrated.

Bring plenty of moisturizer
Again, due to the dry air in the cabin, having a good moisturizer will help your skin a lot. Be sure to have TSA size approved thing of face lotion, lip balm, and eye cream to help combat the dry air. This is a crucial travel beauty tip, especially if you’re also travelling somewhere dry.

Plan for higher levels of radiation
It sounds crazy, but the higher the altitude, the higher the latitude, then the higher the radiation levels are that you are being exposed to. Our best travel beauty tip is to plan for this by stocking up on antioxidant-rich snacks, sip on some green tea during your flight, and have a kale salad and fruit. While you’re getting skin care products to moisturize, get some that are rich in vitamins A,C, and E.

Keep hand sanitizer handy
Make sure you get the TSA approved size, however, hand sanitizer is going to be crucial on a trip for not only your beauty needs, but also your immune system’s needs. There are a large number of germs while you’re traveling, from the bar to the plane seat belt, any everything in between. Keep yourself healthy is our best travel beauty tip we can give you.

Skip long-lasting lipsticks
Like we’ve said before, the air in an airplane is very dry, so a long-lasting lipstick will just dehydrate and parch your mouth. If you’re looking to have a nice lip color throughout your flight, try several coats of a lip stain instead and then top it off with a clear gloss once dry. You can reapply the gloss throughout the trip to keep the color lasting longer.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a messy affair. Keep yourself fresh with some simple travel beauty tips and make sure you arrive in style.