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Posts for March 2014

Sioux Falls roadside attractions you don't want to miss

When you are traveling in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area, don't miss the opportunity to see some Sioux Falls roadside attractions. Much of the terrain of South Dakota is made up of rolling hills and wide open prairie, but there are some fun and quirky attractions to see ... if you know where to look.

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What to pack on a road trip with kids

If you are embarking on a long road trip with kids, it is essential to be prepared. Long hours in the care can quickly make for some cranky and bored children. Pack smart for the trip and be sure everything is within easy reach for the maximum benefit. Be sure each child has age appropriate activities that they can do on their own and together, because the car can become a very small space very quickly. Here are some tips to get you started:

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Tips for better business travel

Generally speaking, business travel is not very glamorous, can be quite stressful, and is full of unknown variables and surprises. There are some things to consider that can make your business travel experience more enjoyable, and allow you to take away some personal growth and satisfaction from the journey.

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