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Posts for June 2016

Beat the heat at your summer wedding

Spring and summer are the seasons for weddings. But with summer temperatures always unpredictable, you could have nice weather for your outdoor wedding, or you could have swelteringly hot temperatures for your wedding. If temperatures are expected to skyrocket on your big day, it’s best to have a plan on how to keep you and your guests cool during the ceremony. Here are a few ideas on how to keep you and your guests cool, even if you’re having an indoor ceremony and reception.

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Locals’ favorite attractions

Visiting a new town with your family on vacation is always fun. If you’re visiting a bigger city than what you usually live in, stopping at all of the big stores that the small towns don’t have is usually top on the list. But something that would add a little culture and a whole different experience to your trip would be to stop at the locals’ favorite places to eat, drink, visit, etc. Sioux Falls is home to a wide variety of attractions that are worth visiting while you’re here. These are just a few of them.

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