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Posts for July 2013

Travel Smooth: Our Best Air Travel Tips

Air travel can be a stressful ordeal. Long lines, uncomfortable seats, and running between connections can ruin the beginning and end of your journey.

We have gathered the most important air travel tips for next time you plan to visit Ramada Hotel & Suites in Sioux Falls.


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Top 9 Things to Do or See in Sioux Falls This Summer

Summer is in full bloom here in Sioux Falls, and if you are planning on visiting us there are some things you shouldn’t miss. You can take part in many summer activities in Eastern South Dakota. Are you into art and design? History and nature? Don’t worry, there is something for everyone! We have compiled a list of the top 9 things to do in Sioux Falls this summer - enjoy!


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So You are Planning a Road Trip?

When you hear those words, you probably have memories of childhood family road trips, dividing the back seat with imaginary barriers, playing the license plate game, and climbing over the backseat to get into the hatchback of the station wagon (who needed seat belts before 1985?). Many of us share these vacation experiences from our younger years. When we were young the only thing we really cared about was if the motel where we stayed at had a pool. Our parents made sure we got lots of pictures with roadside attractions, such as concrete dinosaurs and Jolly Green Giant statues. Chances are, you have some of these photos tucked away in your childhood photo albums.

Now, as an adult, you find yourself faced with decisions of how to plan a family vacation for your own family. Questions such as how to keep everyone entertained on the road, and how to incorporate activities that everyone will enjoy need consideration. Not to mention that you would like a little bit of time for yourself so that you don't return home completely exhausted. With a little bit of pre-planning you can rest assured that your entire family will have a great vacation that they will remember for years to come.

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Money saving tips for your Sioux Falls road trip

Summer is on the horizon. Schools are out, it is always time to mow the grass, the trees are loaded with green leaves, and the price of fuel at the gas pump has gone up. In 2012 the price of gasoline was over $4.00 per gallon in some areas. Going on a summer Sioux Falls road trip does not have to break the bank at the pump. By following a few gas saving tips at home and on the road, you will have enough funds left to enjoy on your summer vacation.

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