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Posts for August 2014

Ideas for a unique Sioux Falls wedding

Planning a wedding in the upper mid-west can be a challenge, especially when you are looking for a unique wedding venue. It’s easy to find a location if you are seeking a ‘prairie wedding,’ or ‘rustic wedding’ theme. However, what if you were thinking of something a little bit more … tropical?

There are many different directions you can take the word ‘tropical,’ and at the Sioux Falls Ramada, you can plan on having one of the most unique weddings in the upper mid-west! Here are some tropical themes to inspire you:

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Do wedding traditions effect the planning of your wedding?

From large beautiful bouquets to bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding traditions affect, and even dictate, the way we celebrate marital bliss with friends and family. While many of these traditions are continued in the name of fun, the origins of wedding traditions lend insight into the world of tulle and tuxedos from a cultural standpoint. So, why do we do what we do?

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Traveling with teenagers

Traveling with teenagers is quite different than travel with young children. There are some basic different needs of older children that you should consider when traveling in order to keep this often temperamental age group happy while on vacation.

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