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Posts for September 2015

Ahoy Matey! Tips on How to Throw a Pirate Themed Birthday Party at Buccaneer Bay

Kids’ birthday parties are highly anticipated and can be even more fun if themed. Our Buccaneer Bay Water Park provides the perfect location for your child’s next birthday party, and provides the perfect theme for the party that kids will love. Why not throw a pirate themed party complete with eye patches, sword fights, and pirate names. Get ready to set sail and take a look at some of our favorite party ideas for a pirate themed party!

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Local Wineries Have Unique Tastes to Offer

Everyone has their preference in drink, and for the beer connoisseur, there are plenty of breweries in the area. But what about wine lovers? Never fear, if you are a wine-o, there are plenty of wineries in the area as well to have your own winery tour. Here are a few wineries you will want to visit on your trip to the Sioux Falls area and take a bottle (or two) home with you.

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