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Posts for October 2016

Travel beauty tips to make your trip a breeze

Traveling is always a difficult thing to do while still keeping your composure and looking presentable. But where there is a will, there is a way. It is still possible to go on a long flight or take a long car ride and still get off the plane while looking like you just stepped out of the house for the day. Check out these simple travel beauty tips to help you stay fresh and presentable during a long trip.

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Eerie Halloween party ideas

Halloween is just right around the corner. A time for the spooky, the scary, and the frightening to roam freely. It’s a time for everyone to get out their alternative personality and dress up as their favorite movie character, politician, or pop star. Get your costumes ready, because we’re going to help you plan the eeriest and the spookiest Halloween party with these fantastic Halloween party ideas that will keep people talking about your party for the next year to come.

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Fun fall events in Sioux Falls

Fall is a beautiful time of the year and the events that goes on during fall always a joy to be part of. From farmer’s markets to concerts, from harvest festivals to kids events, there is always something to do in the fall that is themed as such and keeps the summer buzz going before the winter snow comes. The Denny Sanford Premier Center always has exciting events going on, such as hockey and concerts, and the downtown area also puts on numerous events throughout the season. Here are a few fun events going on in October to be sure to check out while in town.

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Throw a pirate themed party at Buccaneer Bay

September 19 was National Talk Like a Pirate day, so what better way to celebrate than with a pirate themed pool party for the kids at Buccaneer Bay? Outdoor pools have closed for the year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had at the pool. Buccaneer Bay boasts the best water park in the area and is perfect for a pirate themed party, whether it’s a birthday or just a get together. Check out some of these tips on throwing a pirate themed party that will be the talk of your kids’ friends for the school year.

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